Who Are the Highest Paid Baseball Players?

The 7th of April marked the start of the 2022 MLB (Major League Baseball) season.  Apart from the labor stoppages, the off-season saw various superstars switch clubs and sign big-money deals. Max Scherzer, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa, and Kris Bryant are some of the big names that penned down long-term contracts with new clubs.

Who Are the Highest Paid Baseball Players in 2022?

1) Max Scherzer:

With a salary of $58.3 million (unprecedented throughout MLB history) and endorsements worth a million, Max Scherzer is the first player on this mind-bogglingly rich list. Scherzer has partnered with giants like Nike, Indeed, Rawlings, Topps, MLBPAA Alumni, and ARIA Exchange.

In addition, Scherzer’s prior contract with the National’s included deferred money worth $105 million, which will be paid in $15 million-increments between 2022 and 2028.

Who Are the Highest Paid Baseball Players

2) Corry Seager:

Second on this list is Corry Seager, boasting an annual average salary of $37.5 million and endorsements of approximately $ 2 million. Corry Seager has joined hands with Adidas, Fanatics, Rawlings, Topps, Modelo, and Travis Mathew.

Back in November 2021, Seager signed a $325 million contract with the Texas Rangers, spanning over 10-years. This contract is the joint sixth-largest MLB contract in baseball history. This contract also means that Corry Seager will now be earning more in a single season than the $24.69 million that he earned during his seven-year stint with the Los Angeles dodgers.

3) Mike Trout:

Closely followed by Seager is Mike Trout, with an average annual salary of $35.5 million and endorsements worth $3.5 million. Trout has signed deals with numerous large brands, including Nike, Rawlings, BodyArmor, MLB 9 Innings, J&J Snack Foods, Old Hickory, Lizard Skins, MLBPAA, Anderson Authentics, and Topps.

Trout is one of the two betting favorites for this year’s AL MVP award, accompanied by his teammate Shohei Ohtani. The centerfield finished nine consecutive seasons in the top five, with seven of those being in the top two. Unfortunately, this streak ended in 2021, when injuries restricted Trout’s season to just 36 appearances.

4) Gerritt Cole:

Gerritt Cole will be making a combined $37 million, out of which $36 million would be accounted for by his average annual salary. The remaining million, meanwhile, will be earned through his affiliations with Fanatics, Rawlings, and Nike.

In December 2019, Cole signed a $324 million- nine-year contract with the Yankees. This contract also gives him an opt-out at any point after the year 2024. The Bronx Bombers, however, can void this opt-out, as long as they add another $36 million to Cole’s contract and secure his services for a tenth year.

5) Carlos Correa:

Carlos Correa will be earning a handsome average annual salary of $35.1 million, which will be topped up by his endorsements worth $1.5 million. Correa has joined hands with Adidas, New Balance, Rawlings, and Topps.

Seeing Correa sign a short-term deal with the Minnesota Twins was extremely surprising for a lot of people. His average annual salary is the fourth-highest in the league, bettered only by Trout, Cole, and Scherzer. Like Seager, Correa will also earn more in a single season than the $26.84 million that he made during his seven years with the Houston Astros.

6) Anthony Rendon:

Number six on this list is Anthony Rendon. The 31-year-old will make an average annual salary of $36.3 million this year, and another $250,000 through endorsements with brands like Marucci and Tops.

Just like Trout, Anthony Rendon had to miss over a 100 games during the last season, which led to a sixth consecutive losing record for the Los Angeles Angels. Next year, his annual salary will be bumped up to $38 million, and will stay there all the way up to 2026.

7) Stephen Strasburg:

Next up is the Washington Nationals’ pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, who will be making an average annual salary of $33.6 million. In addition, his affiliation with Fanatics, Zett, Topps, and New Balance will fetch him another $500,000 in endorsements.

In addition, he will be getting $10 million this year, as deferred salary as part of his prior contract with the Nationals. His current contract worth $245 million includes $80 million in deferred salary, which will be payable in 2027 and onwards.

8) Miguel Cabrera:

Cabrera will be earning an annual salary of $32 million, along with $750,000 in endorsements with brands like Adidas, Topps, Wilson, Franklin, DC Sports, and Panini.

Demand for Cabrera memorabilia skyrocketed last year, as the 2012 Triple Crown Winner achieved his 500th home run. Cabrera is also just 13 shy of 3,000 hits – another milestone that he will be looking to achieve during the ongoing season.

9) Bryce Harper:

On ninth place is the Philadelphia Phillies’ right-fielder, Bryce Harper, who will be making a salary of $26 million during the current MLB season. In addition, Harper is associated with brands like Rawlings, Under Armor, Topps, Fanatics, Gatorade, Blind Barber, Dairy Queen, and EA Sports – which will further increase his earnings by $6.5 million.

Harper is one of the most marketable players in the MLB. His 13-year, $330 million contract was the longest-ever in the league’s history until Fernando Tatis put pen to paper on his 14-year agreement with the San Diego Padres.

10) David Price:

The final member of this list is David Price, who will be earning a salary of $32 million, along with $200,000 from partnerships with IMAC Regeneration, Panini, Topps, and Rawlings.

Price decided to excuse himself from the 2020 MLB season, stating that the COVID-19 pandemic was negatively affecting his and his family’s mental health. The decision to opt-out was an expensive one, as he missed out on $11.9 million and watched his team lift the World Series trophy. This is the final year on Price’s seven-year contract worth $217 million that he signed with the Boston Red Sox.

Our Final Thoughts:

As you must have guessed from the numbers spread throughout this article, professional baseball is extremely lucrative – especially when you are one of the best in the business. To learn more about baseball, please feel free to check out some of the other blogs on our website.

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