“C’mon Prince (Stay In Milwaukee)”

The Baseball Project was all set to go to Milwaukee for a huge MLB party the day before the Series commenced. Only one problem: the St. Louis Cardinals! Still, we had a couple swell Brewers numbers in the works for the show, and this is one of them, hastily assembled in our subterranean left coast bunker. ”C’mon, Prince (Stay In Milwaukee)” quite obviously addresses a beloved player’s impending free agency, and the way we hope it’ll play out. Robin Yount agrees with us totally! And yes, we’re working on the alternate version: “C’mon Albert (Stay In St. Louis)”…

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@winterpills Waltham, MA, home of most excellent Woolly Mammoth recording studio! Also a Dunkin Donuts. 2 days ago
@SFGiants Giants are auctioning their wives? I’m sure it’s for a good cause. 2 days ago
Very very bad night when Giants, A’s, Mariners all lose, and Scott Walker wins. Kudos to Packers who joined in the effort to oust him. 2 days ago
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