Best Seat Locations for Watching Baseball Games

If you’re a baseball enthusiast, it makes sense to want the best seats to enjoy the game. You’ve come to the game to watch your favorite team win (fingers crossed), so it’s fair to ask for the best seats in the stadium. However, it sometimes takes a lot to find the best seats.

You might have to get tickets in advance and be precise with your judgment. We suggest you plan ahead of the game to get the best seats. If not, you’ll have to make do with what you get, and let’s be honest, that isn’t an ideal situation for any baseball fan.

So, what are the best seat locations for watching a baseball game? Let’s find out.

Things to Consider Before Booking Seats

It would be best to be mindful of a few things before booking your tickets. You wouldn’t want to regret coming to a baseball game after all. People who don’t consider some factors always get themselves in a pickle, so we suggest you should be prepared for a few things. Here’s what you need to know before booking your seats.

Weather Conditions

Since a baseball game takes place in an open stadium, you should be prepared if the weather suddenly turns unpleasant. It wouldn’t be a shock if it started drizzling during a baseball game – it has happened several times. So, if you were seated at a place where the rain wouldn’t catch you, you’ll be good to go. However, if the rain doesn’t bother you, feel free to get tickets for whichever seats.


Baseball games can get wild at times. Sometimes, a batter may swing their bat with such intensity that the ball might hit your face (if you’re in proximity). Some baseball fans aren’t concerned about that so much; if you’re one of those enthusiastic fans, you’ll be fine. But if you’re concerned about shielding your face, we suggest you sit as up in the rows as possible.

Book Ahead

If you want the best seats, you will have to get the tickets as early as possible. Tickets for such games sell like hot cakes. So, if you want to watch the game from the best angle, you’ll have to be prompt in booking the tickets. Also, tickets get more expensive when the game nears, so it would be best if you got them before time.

Best Seating Locations at a Baseball Game

If you’re about to book baseball tickets, the following seating locations will benefit you.

Behind Home Plate

These seats will probably cost you a lot of money, but they’re undoubtedly worth it. You’ll get a good view of the “pitcher vs. batter” battle by getting these seats. Also, you’ll be right in front of the infield where most of the action happens, so you should know you’ll get value for money.

The best part about these seats is that there’s a net to protect you constantly from those swinging baseballs. If you get seats behind the home plate, consider yourself lucky as the view of the game will thoroughly entertain you.

Outfield Grandstand

Getting seats near the outfield grandstand isn’t such a bad compromise. You’ll be close to the field, and the players won’t be that far away from you. You can always talk to them, and they might even reply. Your favorite baseball player might make your day; who knows!

You can witness all the dirty work closely, which can be super fun. Also, if you’re a genuine baseball fan, we’re sure you secretly desire to catch a home run ball. Here’s a secret: you’re not the only one. Sitting near the outfield grandstand might help you catch one after all.

Behind the Home Dugout

These seats are the most in-demand on the entire baseball field. This is because of the proximity you can get to the star players on your favorite team. Also, since you’ll be so close, you’ll get to witness whatever happens in the game.

If a player gets taken out, you’ll be the first to know why. These seats are mostly sold out if you don’t hurry in booking them. Sitting behind the dugout will show you an excellent time as you’ll get to see the game rather closely when enjoying your hotdog with your foam finger.

Behind the Pitcher’s Mound

The pitcher’s mound, also called “the hill,” is directly behind the pitcher near the dirt area. The whole stadium is full of seating areas where you’ll find at least one benefit of sitting.

Sitting behind the pitcher’s mound will allow you to see the pitcher’s actions very clearly. So, if that interests you, you can always try getting these seats. But rumor has it that these seats are pretty tricky to book. However, you can always try! Who knows, you might be the lucky one.

Infield Nosebleeds

These seats will give you a clear view of the ballpark. If you plan on going to the game with a big crowd, you should undoubtedly consider getting these seats.

It’s a known fact that these seats are best for big groups, and you probably wouldn’t face any difficulty booking them. It’ll be nice to sit with people who care the same about baseball and your favorite team as much as you do. You can discuss the game’s dynamics while munching on your favorite snacks.

Low Rows in the Upper Level

Upper-level seats aren’t too expensive to afford, and you can benefit a lot by sitting in the upper rows. The upper row allows you to enjoy the whole atmosphere of the game. You can look at other people from afar and look at the baseball pitch.

People who sit in the upper rows of the stadium entertain themselves by enjoying the game’s overall atmosphere. So, the next time you’re about to go to a baseball game, think about getting upper-level seats.

Our Final Thoughts

Baseball games can be entertaining if you have the best seats, the best snacks, and the best company. If you’re thinking about going to a baseball game soon, we suggest you consider giving the seats mentioned above a shot to see how the game looks from different angles.

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